CanAm Veterans' Challenge

On June 20, 2014, a team of injured American, Canadian and Danish veterans set off by bicycle, hand cycle and recumbent cycle from Ottawa, Ontario.

16 days,
14 cities,
766 miles

The riders’ destination was Washington, D.C., nearly 800 miles to the south. Joining these honored veterans on their two nation journey between capitals were a team of able-bodied riders who were riding together with their colleagues as they discovered the extraordinary land and people they served proudly in their military careers.

The inaugural CanAm Veterans’ Challenge from national non-profit World T.E.A.M. included 16 injured Canadian, Danish and American veterans riding with eight able-bodied riders, two serving as pilots for blinded veterans. Presented by Realty Capital Securities in collaboration with Wounded Warriors Canada and Soldier On, the 16 day ride through one province, three states and the District of Columbia traveled from 10 to 90 miles each day. Participating veterans included warriors with Post Traumatic Stress and traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, loss of limb and blindness, all working together to meet the challenge of riding from national capital to national capital.

For these exceptional veterans, their journey will demonstrate to themselves, to other veterans and to the public the remarkable dedication and athletic capabilities of persons with disabilities. They choose not be held back by their disabilities but to use adaptive equipment and their own physical fitness to undertake inspiring outdoor sporting activities. The CanAm Veterans’ Challenge is a celebration of this teamwork and commitment.

The CanAm Veterans’ Challenge will return in the future and will travel north from Washington, D.C. to Ottawa, Ontario. News and information about this upcoming event will be posted to this site.

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